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Google Analytics is a powerful and complex tool which provides excellent opportunities when properly set up. In such a way, if you want to make more advanced analyses, consider double checking the proper configuration of the tool. Otherwise, you might realize you’ve been gathering inessential data. Interpretation of the collected data is a totally separate matter though — if you want quantitative data to reflect reality, it has to relate to a large number of users. The data will not show you individual cases or isolated behaviors, but rather average results.

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Improving conversion rate on your website When your goal is to improve website conversions, you need a clear understanding of where opportunities and blockers lie. There are times when something is obvious from GA alone (for example, you could notice that a broken checkout page stops 100% of visitors from completing their order), but other times there’s nothing apparently wrong in GA reports and yet your numbers are still going down.
Before and after a website redesign or launch A website redesign can have a huge impact on your business: a well-executed job can lift conversions significantly, but a poorly executed one could actually tank traffic and conversions in just a few hours after launch. If you’re approaching the release of major changes to your site.
When you want to improve your customers’ experience Website redesigns and conversion-improving initiatives are usually one-off events, but great customer experience requires daily focus—if you have multiple people making multiple changes (content, pricing, new product lines, new support methods, etc.) to your site then you'll probably want to keep a constant eye on your customers' experience, both to analyze what can be improved and to source and investigate customer feedback.
When you need buy-in from management, clients, colleagues Say GA shows a high drop-off rate on your product pages, and your boss/colleague/client is convinced that people are leaving because the content is too long and demands that the page be simplified. How do you prove or disprove this assumption? And how can you use data to demonstrate the way forward and bring everybody on board with the decision?
When your business embraces digital transformation ‘Digital transformation’ has been a buzzword for a while, but the process of consolidating all customer experiences into one, connecting the online and offline parts of a business, is still very current. Combining GA and Hotjar you can develop a holistic understanding of your customers and their journey across your website, motivations, and behavior.
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